Friday, July 8, 2011

Health Affairs Article

This post references a June, 2011 article that I co-wrote for Health Affairs. The piece was listed in the top three most read GrantWatch Blog Posts online.

The July print addition of the Health Affairs journal will publish the piece about the groundbreaking ACA Education project conducted by AmericaSpeaks.

Here is an excerpt:

To explore the key factors that influence support and opposition to the law, including ways to better educate the public about the actual provisions of the law, AmericaSpeaks (referred to as CaliforniaSpeaks in this project) conducted seven community dialogue sessions with more than 220 participants, total, at all sessions across California during January and February 2011. The sessions assessed how the general public responds to the core elements of the ACA when they are presented in a variety of formats. These forums, supported by a grant from the Blue Shield of California Foundation (BSCF), were held in Fresno, Pasadena, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, San Leandro, and San Luis Obispo. This project built on the BSCF’s prior support of CaliforniaSpeaks in 2007 when the state was debating a major health reform proposal. Both projects were designed to educate and inform the public about efforts to expand health coverage for Californians.

You can get to the article here.

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